GHC Week - Canceled

This event has been canceled because of COVID-19

Sponsored by and Well-Typed.

I’m excited to announce GHC Week.

What is GHC Week

GHC Week is a week long gathering of GHC developers and people who want to become one.

We will get together in a large cottage to learn from each other about GHC development and related topics. Hopefully improving both GHC and our knowledge about it in the process.

Quick facts

Question Answer
When March 13th - 20th 2020
Where Annevoie, Belgium
What Learn about and work on GHC together
How to join See below for details
Costs? 70€ deposit for accomodation + food/drink/… expenses
Tagline A conference without talks

What is the deal

For the last few years mpickering has organised a shared house where some GHC developers stay together during ICFP. Colloquially called GHC house.

This has historically been a fairly productive environment, however, productivity has still been limited by the necessity of giving and attending talks!

We now strive to recreate this environment without these distractions. A week whose sole purpose is to focus on GHC and things that relate to it, like segfaults and gitlab issues.

If you want to do a deep dive into GHC this is the perfect opportunity!

There will likely be someone there to collaborate on most parts of GHC. Like mpickering on TH and profiling. Myself for backend performance or bgamari on things related to GHC’s infrastructure just to name a few.

Is this the right event for me?

The event is aimed at anyone willing to take a week out of there life to focus on GHC related things together with others.

If you want to work on GHC or improve/use GHC internals this event is for you. Knowledge about GHC internals is not a prerequisite.

Call for students

We especially want to encourage students, undergraduate or otherwise, who are interested in working on GHC to attend GHC Week. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn about GHC from experienced developers.

We have some funds available to help those in need with travel and accommodation costs. This is possible thanks to our sponsors and Well-Typed

So don’t hesitate to reach out.

What do you expect from me?

We expect participants to be self motivated above all. We have no invited speakers, no talks, no scheduled tutorials so it’s completely up to you to make the most of this opportunity.

For this reason we expect you to come with a goal in mind.

Be that implementing a feature, studying a part of GHC’s implementation or writing a plugin. You might plan for X and end up doing Y in the end. And that’s perfectly fine. But you need to have a rough idea about what you want to do during the week beforehand.

This is not a regular Haskell hackathon

The focus of this week will be on GHC. This does not mean you can only work on GHC itself. But goals for the week must relate to GHC in a meaningful way.

To give a few contrived and very opinionated examples for good/bad project ideas:


Good Goals:

All of these projects are cool ideas, but only the latter ones are a good fit for this event.


There will be an upfront deposit of 70€.

What is included in the deposit

The deposit will be used to pay for accommodation and a few shared commodities. We hope to be able to refund parts of the deposit depending on actual cost but this can only be determined after the event.

Expected other costs

We will organize some food and drinks, the costs for which will be collected either on site or after the event. Further we will make sure that people have the opportunity to go grocery shopping and there are a few restaurants in walking distance.


We will stay in Annevoie, Belgium in a renovated old mill. Judging by the pictures it is a lovely place. Hopefully there’s also decent wifi.

It has a nice open living area for collaboration and relaxation. Containing both couches as well as large tables.

The downside is that we have more beds than rooms. So expect to share a room with others.

Otherwise there are multiple bathrooms and a large kitchen as well to tend to personal needs.

Getting there

Annevoie is about 2 hours from Brussels via public transport. There is a train station in the town.

We will put up more information about how to get there/back and related information once we get closer to the actual event.

Participants List

Timetable for the event

If you found this and we meet tell me. I will buy you a drink.